Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Handstitched Home and Country Living

I'm hoping to brush up on my embroidery skills this year and I'm looking forward to a machine embroidery class I've booked for next month.  I have had a go a few times but the results were not good!  So for my niece's birthday this week I've hand embroidered this little picture.  I used cream felt for the background and cut out the applique pieces from scraps.  The little sentiment is stamped on card, cut out  and stuck on with double sided tape. 

My picture was inspired by the cover of this gorgeous embroidery book I found at The Works recently.  Its a lovely lovely book and I cannot imagine why its been remaindered but I'm very glad for me that it is.

When I bought the book I didn't notice it was a Country Living magazine publication.  I've been a subscriber since the very first issue, which I just cannot believe was 30 years ago in April!?!  How did it get to be that long ago! 

Country Living have produced this gorgeous mug to celebrate their anniversary and I'd LOVE to buy it as its designed by one of my favourite artists/illustrators Angie Lewin - but its rather expensive and I might be too scared to use it in case it I drop or chip it.  However I've worked a lot of extra shifts this last few weeks so might just treat myself and keep it "for best" :)


  1. That's a wonderful textile picture for your niece Ann. The book that inspired it looks wonderful too - I wonder why I have never seen it before? I think you deserve to buy yourself the Angie Lewin mug and don't save it for best - use it every day! x

  2. What a pretty picture... I often get that book from the library, very inspiring. Enjoy your 'best' mug. xx

  3. I wonder why I haven't seen that book before, think I might go on a search for it. Thats a beautiful picture its gorgeous
    Julie xxxxxxx
    I mentioned you in my blog today


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