Thursday, 5 February 2015

You were right!

Well you six commenters are all winners!  I did go for a walk but I also made some more roses yesterday morning, started on the garden in the afternoon and had a nice bath with my book as well.  And I'm very glad too as after two glorious sunny days the sky has clouded over today - but it is slightly warmer!

Which is good as these poor little lambs must have had a few hard nights lately - I hope they snuggled up tight to Mum. 

We haven't had much snow here - even the top of nearby Moel Famau only had a sprinkling.  There wasn't even enough to tempt out the usual sledgers we normally see when driving over the tops to the next town on Saturday.

But that sprinkling does show up the cut heather nicely.  These cut strips encourage young growth in the heather to temp the wildlife and make spaces for Red and Black Grouse to lek.

I always stop at this gap in the hedge here.  It looks down the Vale of Clwyd towards the sea - though you can't actually see the sea.  I thought I might take this photo every month this year to watch the change of season.

Although not an official footpath, I've been walking by this stream for over 40 years so I hope the farmer doesn't mind.  It has a lot of memories - not least watching my son and his cousins playing in the stream in summer and walking the family's yellow lab Pen many years ago - she loved to paddle in the water.  And there were always curlews calling on late afternoons in winter but I haven't heard them for a long long time.

But I did stop to watch and listen to a large flock of goldfinches in the top of an oak tree.

It was very cold - the puddles were still frozen late afternoon - but at least that meant the very muddy bit I usually have to try and jump around posed no problem this time.

And finally back into town.  This first bungalow always reminds me of the little house at the beginning of episodes of Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men we watched as little children in the 50s.

Well, as I said you are all going to be winners and expect a little something in the post in the next week or so.  If I haven't got your address (that's you Julie, Ethel and Gill) please do let me have it.  You can email me on  Look forward to hearing from you.


  1. What fabulous photos - glad you enjoyed your walk and wish I could have done it with you!

  2. Lovely photos of the opposite view of Moel Famau to mine. I went for a walk in the Spring sunshine yesterday too. The bitterly cold wind made it rather an eye watering experience but don't we feel better for it? :o) We have had a lot of snow last month, not really deep and lasting but consistent. Funny how being one side of a mountain range or the other can make such a difference.

  3. Oh Ann you are very kind - thank you. As always your photography is awesome - any tips greatfully received :D

  4. Great photos Ann - I've just got in from my walk!
    No snow but a bitterly cold wind means my face is hurting!!
    Emailling you now!

  5. Beautiful photos... and thank you for making me a winner! (email on it's way) xx

  6. I can't believe that the only post I ever missed of yours over the past few years was the one when you held a competition and everyone was a winner!!! Oh well - it's been that kind of week. Anyway, I think your walk was wonderful. I haven't seen any snow drops around these parts not even in my garden. Stunning blue sky and glorious countryside Have a lovely weekend Ann. I may do something crafty! x! x

  7. Such lovely photos Ann - I feel I was walking with you and having a chat as we looked at the beautiful views.
    Hope you are keeping well.
    Carol x


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