Friday, 21 June 2013

On the longest day......

..........what will you be doing today?  Here's what I'm hoping to achieve before bedtime.....

A walk round the garden after the monsoon rainstorm last night.......

I've already done this - the bees are still busy in and out of the foxgloves and pink opium poppies are looking wet but so pretty. 

The scent of the garden, and especially the white clematis, is wonderful after the rain.

Complete a few more rounds of the mandala rug I'm hooking in t-shirt yarn.  I found this great pattern from Marinke here.  After many fruitless searches for suitable t-shirts in charity shops I was SO excited to find I could actually buy it on ebay.  

Get a few more items finished for craft fairs I'm attending in July and August.

Add a few more inspirational pins to my boards, get this post finished for my blog and I'd really like to get round a few of my favourite bloggers and leave a comment!

And a few things I'd LIKE to squeeze in..... a browse through some of my fav magazines, both old and new, and read another chapter of ....

Then of course there are the boring things I just have to get done today, such as washing up all those dishes in the sink since last night, hoover the carpet as there are so many bits coming in on our shoes and paws after the rain, cook something for our lunch, hang up all those clean clothes I've just thrown on my bed, and TIDY UP MY CRAFT DESK so I don't have to work in a space just six inches square!

And finally I need to have a little quality time with Titch before I fall asleep in the chair tonight!


  1. ........then we head for the shortest day!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. I did not realize today was the longest till I found your post about it. I did nothing special. Someone is painting the livingroom so I needed to empty this room . Weather was not so good today so me and the dog were sitting in the bedroom between books, boxes, chairs, and so on.......Argh;!!!!!!!!!!!! But I am sure the room will be beautiful after all the work he already did.

  3. I don't know about you but I didn't do half that I planned today!!

  4. I hope that you had a lovely productive day and got to spend some cuddle time with Titch! Your flowers are gorgeous, especially the poppies!


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