Saturday, 8 June 2013

Tatting re-purposed

Here's the prefect way to re-purpose those pretty crochet doilies you can't help buying when ever they turn up in charity shops - or is that just me!  However these two beauties are tatted not crocheted and are just the right size to keep those pesky flying beasties out of my favourite vintage Portmeirion mug.  The tatting is so fine it was difficult to sew the beads on without it showing so I just looked out some crochet thread of the same gauge, knotted them on and the thread ends just seem to blend into the tatting.  (Must try tatting one day!)

This is the very last bottle of 2012 Elderflower Cordial I'd squirreled away at the back of the cupboard, but as its almost time to make the 2013 batch I don't mind breaking into it.  As far as I'm concerned there is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than homemade cordial with ice.  I've a mind to try rhubarb this year too as this recipe from Sarah Raven looks as easy as my elderflower.........

even with the "help" of my beautiful Titch!


  1. I looked for the recipe, it sounds delicious but poor me, I cannot eat sugar since I have a prediabetic. So I have to pay attention every day.....
    I never did tatting the dollie looks so delicat. And Titch looks lovely, enjoy your garden..... here t started raining again yesterday evening, the weather forecast for this week is not so good. Fingers crossed for next weekend because we have our yearly family weekend here .

  2. The tatting is so delicate and intricate. You have done a grand job in repurposing it into covers. I would like to try and make elderflower cordial ond day. May I ask what recipe you use? We have plenty of elderflower growing around the vineyard so maybe we could make some elderflower cordial up there! Titch is a beautiful cat and looks very alert!

    1. You should definitely try making the cordial Simone - although I don't drink it I understand its lovely diluted with sparkling white wine too. The recipe I use is here:

      Its really really easy and takes no time at all. Do try it. xx

    2. Thanks for the recipe Anne! It looks relatively easy to make. I do like the look of the freezer Strawberry jam recipe too! x

    3. Sorry, just noticed that I have put an 'e' on the end of Ann!!!

  3. What a lovely way to use these beautiful pieces, Ann! As always, I love visiting your blog; it's just so homey! Love your kitty's eyes!

  4. How clever of you to come up with a lovely and practical use for those beautiful dollies. I like your idea of placing the beads on them to keep them from blowing away in the wind.


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