Friday 9 November 2012

Vintage Yarns

Once again I'm in a last minute panic about a craft fair tomorrow!  For my last fair I made a few crochet flower hair clips and as they seemed popular I thought I should make some more.  Most of those in the photo above have been made using vintage yarn I've found on ebay and in charity shops and, yes, I have been able to make myself break into the skeins - something I usually find really difficult.  But needs must and I've found it very pleasant to work with something that has lain forgotten in a draw or workbox for many years.

This Robin Perle is very pretty but the very devil to unwind - it nearly drove my Mother round the bend trying to unravel the knots I got the first skein into and she usually loves untangling for me.  You can see it looks quite wild!  The label states it is coupon free so these definitely date from the 1940's or early 50's. 

This Jewel yarn from Pearsalls and Hayfield is much more sensibly packaged - the end is pulled out from the centre without unwrapping the skeins.  And of course this keeps the yarn in pristine condition.  In fact I have to say that all the yarns I've bought have been in perfect condition without a hint of mothballs or damp.

This "Artificial Silk" is really beautiful.  All these yarns are made from Rayon and although I knew it was a man-made fibre I had to google it to find out exactly what its made from and it turns out to be manufactured from plant-based cellulose.  So its not completely artificial and doesn't come from anything horrible like oil or coal.

It all has a lovely sheen as you can see in the photo above, and I expect most of it was bought to make those pretty crochet doilies that were so popular in times gone by - and still seem sought after by crafters today for modern projects. 

I've found it quite difficult to package my clips to my liking and this is my latest attempt - but I'm still not completely happy with how they look.  I just used a die cut tag and cut a slit in the centre to slip the clips through - but of course the clips don't lie flat and the whole thing is rather bent.


  1. Does not matter at all that they don't lie flat, they are adorable. And all those beautiful yarn you found......... I am a bit jealous!!!!
    Have a good market !

  2. Wishing you huge success at the craft fair tommorrow,Ann. Your hair clips look fabulous and I'm sure they will sell really well.
    Ann x

  3. Beautiful, Ann - I'll bet these will sell like hotcakes! Love the wonderful pastels you used!

  4. The vintage yarn is beautiful Ann. The hairclips are so pretty and as usual with lovely presentation. Good luck with the fair!

  5. What gorgeous clips you have created! Love all the colors. With winter on it's merry way, they look like a 'garden in bloom'. The cards you are displaying them on are perfect. Even the cards you see in the stores are bent/curved with those kinds of clips. Hope you had a great sale!

  6. Wow. All those clips from the first pix look sooooooo pretty all lined up in their gorgeous colors!!! You are the craft queen, my friend. My local craft fair vendors (in my town) have nothing on you, Ann! If you were here, with all your stuff, you would make a killing! *another hint* haha...

  7. I loved seeing all your different yarns and I think you are so clever to be able to make such beautiful embellishments for your clips. I hope the craft fair went well.

  8. Wow, these are amazing Anne! I love the bright colours of those silky yarns, I can't believe they are over 50 years old! But what pretty crochet flowers they make!


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