Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Valentine for my........

..... teapot!  Is it wrong?? OK, I don't have a human Valentine in my life but my teapot is the first to greet me each morning, refreshes me through the day, and relaxes me at the end of the evening.  So when I saw my favourite inspirational blogger Godelieve had made a Valentine for her pot, I thought mine deserved one too.  Not only that, to show my appreciation, I cleaned all the tea stains away especially for his (I do see it as a him) portrait. I stamped the heart on a blank coaster, cut it out and then stamped the back.

I did see one lovey dovey couple today though.  On my walk by the river this duck and drake swam alongside me for a while before flying off together.  Sweet!


  1. I think it is perfectly fine to celebrate your tea pot!!!! :) That is fabulous. And what a lovely little couple you spotted. Hope you had a most wonderful day!

  2. What a great idea , I also love my teapot. I recently bought a very good thermos. So hot tea the whole day. I drink only real tea in the morning, the rest of the day I drink herb tea and very light, not the English way. I use my teabag several times for a whole thermos!!!!!!! This the way you 'll become rich....lol

  3. Your teapot looks really nice Ann, love those bold stripes. The heart looks great on it! Thanks for the link :)
    Looks like you enjoyed a wonderful walk.

  4. I don't have a cute little teapot like yours but I should definitely show my kettle some love - it brings me a lot of pleasure, I drink a LOT of tea! Your sunflower card below is just stunning Ann :) x

  5. Aww, Ann, this really made me smile! Who doesn't love their teapot? Warmth, comfort, and they don't answer back lol! How sweet!
    If I had known a bit more about the situation in the Gambia, I would have brought some pens and pads of paper to give to a local school. One of the other hotel residents was a teacher here, and she had loads of stuff, and said it really makes her cross after being there, where the kids are desperate to learn, and the general apathy with kids here. We and our kids are so lucky, we just don't know it.


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