Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sunsets and Dippers

................Sometimes I think I live for sunsets."
"I don`t see that it does you any good always looking at sunsets like you do," said the fat woman.
"Nor me. But I do. Sunsets are things I was made to like."   The History of Mr Polly: H G Wells

I've a whole digital file of sunset photographs.  I can't let one fade away without recording its glories  for posterity!  Here's last evening's offering snapped on my way home from walking by the river.

 I'd been trying to sneek up on this Dipper again.  He lives on this stretch of the river but just as I'm getting near he flies off to the other end of his territory - and my pocket camera isn't up to long range zooming.  But maybe he'll get used to my visits and pose for me one day.

When we moved to this small market town 50 odd years ago we lived just below the church spire and played here by the river.  We caught tadpoles and sticklebacks in jam jars and got our feet and clothes wet - but it wasn't far to run home. 

Of course it was much quieter then - less traffic, fewer houses blocking the view of the church, no industrial buildings lining the opposite bank and there was a railway line instead of a busy by-pass running over the end of the field.  But you can still see lots of wildlife here - as long as there are no dog walkers about. 

The remains of the railway bridge and grass covered line can still be seen.


  1. Thank you, Ann! Just love seeing these pictures of what surround you! I hope that dipper gets used to your presence and lets you get closer.....

  2. Good Day to you Ann. Lovely photos and you did get that Dipper. What a wonderful area you live in. And if these were taken recently, how nice and GREEN everything is. We still are buried under snow. But the sun is shining brightly with a big blue sky above.

  3. Thank you for sharing these, Ann. They make me wanna book a flight to England... soon. Hmm... maybe one day, we will. For now, I'd have to live vicariously through you and through my new favorite drama, Downton Abbey!!! Please tell me you watch that too.

  4. Beautiful photographs Ann, I do love a little bit of whimsey....I enjoyed a few years of my early childhood growing up around the Lakes - I remember taking walks with my Mother in this big meadow full of bluebells & to this day just the sight & / or smell of them evokes an overwhelming feeling of happiness *sigh* Beautiful flower fusion projects below too xxx

  5. Great Pictures - looks like a lovely place to live.

  6. These photos are just stunning. How beautiful it would be to walk there. Looks enchanting!


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