Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tractors and chips

I wonder what passes for a Sunday afternoon outing where you are?  I work until 2.00pm on Sundays but as the local Vintage Machinery Show and Threshing Demonstration last week was only down the road, I was able to fit it in.

It was a beautiful day with the sun shining on the hills behind and the old cars, tractors, trucks, motorcycles and farm machinery made a colourful picture. My  readers in the US might be interested to learn that the green tractor on the right found its way to North Wales all the way from Ohio!

The event was held at our local mart (cattle market) and as you can imagine, as a vegetarian its not somewhere I frequent too often but more and more local events seem to have been held there recently, including the summer Flower Show, Bonfire Night Fireworks Display and various vintage, horse and pony shows and sales.

I don't know how long these men had spent feeding this old threshing machine, but they were at it the whole time we were there and I hope they had been able to fit in a break at the market cafe as we did!

Double egg and chips with a mug of tea was just the job after my exhausting shift at the small hotel where I am housekeeper/maid of all work three days a week! I haven't eaten at the market cafe before and although you certainly couldn't call the decor luxurious or stylish, the food was fresh, simple and delicious.  Maybe not what I should eat every day, but I don't think once in a while will hurt.  I don't make chips at home and they are always a treat.

And it was most enjoyable watching the old farmers enjoying a cuppa and a good old gossip.

There were a few stalls selling bits and bobs and I was lucky enough to pick up an old wooden embroidery frame and some vintage button cards - and I was sorely tempted by this old homemade child's sledge...... but where would I put it!  Though later I did think it might have been a good addition to my stall at the next craft fair - which will no doubt be very Christmas orientated.  Oh well, too late now!


  1. Oh Ann, that child's sledge......... so cute and so beautiful. But you are right, you cannot buy everything that's so cute. Here it's the same, on the brocante's you see a lot of beautiful things but I rarely buy them;

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. I adore going to country fairs and other types of exhibitions this time of year. It's always so much fun!


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