Sunday, 30 October 2011

A birthday and two recipes

Another family birthday this week and I thought I would make it a practical gift this time.  I found this cook's gift idea in one of my Susan Branch books - an old mixing bowl filled with the ingredients and recipe for Cranberry Apple Crisp.  Well I'd been on the lookout for a suitable bowl for weeks but when time started running out I decided had to buy new and found this blue Melamine bowl at our local Ironmongers.  It was just the right size, very practical - and a bit 50s in style to my mind.

The card is a steal from Cristina's fabulous project and I added my felt leaf pin as an extra little gift. 

Sadly the clocks went back last night and it feels like the end of the summer all over again. Only 2 days ago I was digging up my tomato plants and now have a large bowl of small  red, orange and green tomatoes that I hope will all ripen to red over the next week or so. And I'd like to share this delicious tomato recipe I've used quite a few times since the tomatoes started ripening - its quick, easy, tasty - and just the thing for a glut of cherry tomatoes. You can watch Lorraine Pascale making her Tomato Basil Tarte Tatin here on Youtube.

Lastly just have to post this photo of the garden robin who hops around when I'm digging.  He/she keeps an eye out for any tasty morsels my fork uncovers and enjoyed quite a few while I was digging up the tomatoes and putting in my onion sets on Friday. 


  1. Yummy, yummy, yummy! What a thoughtful gift - must remember this next time I need something! Our tomatoes are long gone (we've had some strong frosts this last week), so those last of the garden ones will be so special! As always, Ann, I love visiting here.

  2. Bold, lovely card, Ann, and the felt pin is GORGEOUS!!!

  3. very cute!! love the robin silhouette photo!!

  4. What a lovely present Ann, and I love your pic of the robin against the sky! Great inspiration!

  5. Love your CAS card, and the bowl of apples look fab!


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