Friday, 29 July 2011

Blooms, butterflies and fairies

The Scabious is at its very best at the moment in my garden. I love it and so do the bees, butterflies and hoverflies. Definitely worth propagating for elsewhere in the flowerbeds.

And here is Cicely Mary Barker's Scabious Fairy. I recently read about her work as an artist and was amazed to learn that as well as meticulous research of the plant, choosing and sketching the right child model, and writing the fairy's song, Cicely also designed and made up each fairy costume. Not only that, she unpicked and reused the fabrics for the next fairy once the painting was finished. There are 168 fairies in her 7 fairy books - can you just imagine how much work went into them! The wings of the Scabious Fairy look like they come from the Holly Blue butterflies I chase around the garden with my camera. I haven't managed to catch one this year but here's one I nabbed last year.

I'm linking this post to NF Flowers and NF Winged this week - two birds with one stone, so to speak.


  1. Hi Ann, thanks for your comment - good luck with your peg doll making... it is strangely addictive :)


  2. I have a small yellow variety of the scabiosa,I am not sure but i think it's a scabiosa. Most of the flowers are faded but this little yellow one blooms and blooms, even in a bouquet she is lovely. Do you know her?

  3. Oh my goodness! Is that a blue butterfly??? How lovely these photos are. I adore that flower faerie - there is something magical about blue this time of year. :)


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