Sunday, 10 July 2011

A great buzzing!

This little creature isn't a bee or a wasp but a hoverfly. They like to wear that stripy jumper to keep predators and humans away. And they don't buzz either.... so why did I suddenly become aware of a great buzzing while I was pottering (don't you love to potter!) about the garden last evening. There were more bees than usual on the lavender and the geraniums but that buzzing sounded more like a motorcycle engine than a few bees. Then I looked up and saw what was making that noise - a swarm of thousands of bees excitedly moving across the garden. They were about 15-20 feet up in the air but although I knew they weren't out to get me I was not inclined to move any closer.

Of course now I'm kicking myself for not taking the opportunity to get some photos of something I've never seen 'in real life' before and may never see again. But it was too late anyway - they were over the hedge, into the next garden and on down the hill in a minute or two. I wonder where they finally decided to settle.

Natures Footsteps has a new section for winged creatures so I'm linking there this week. There are already some wonderful photos linked. I love to see what others are capturing in their lenses in other parts of the world.



  1. So glad they weren't in hovering over my garden.
    Must have really been a sight to see. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. i think there are a lot of them this year... More than usually.

  3. Can't remember when I last saw a swarm of bees Ann but it is always good to see a few amongst the other insects visiting the garden.

    Thanks for the visits to my blogs. Cheers FAB.

  4. I once had thousands of them in my climbing rose against the house, the noise was enormous. I phoned the police for the name of a beekeeper, he came and went with most of them. It was really anxious!!!! Love your pictures.

  5. eeeek... you are my hero, Ann. You wanted to take a pix of them?? I would have been running (super fast, I might add) back into the house for cover. But I can see why they chose to make a pit stop by your garden.... so beautiful and lush... who wouldn't?!

  6. nowadays you have ato be happy to see them. Love your shots of that busy one.

    My Winged

  7. Oh, I love lavender!!! And I love watching bees, just not to close :o)

    Hugs, Anja

  8. Such beautiful photos, Ann. I have really adored seeing all the winged creatures hard at work this summer. :)


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