Friday, 17 June 2011

Thank Yous and Blue Poppies

I've had occasion to make a few thank you cards this last week, the first is a thank you to the very kind gentleman who found my cat for me last week. Sausage is the last of my four cats to survive and is almost 19 years old. He has lost his sight over the last few months and is slowly adjusting to being blind. But last week he got himself lost. I searched for him for two days, from (very) early morning until darkness without success, I put up posters and posted notes through doors. I was starting to lose hope when the phone went at almost midnight on the third day and a voice said "I think I've just seen your cat from my window". And it was Sausage - wandering down the road not far from my house. I took my hero a home baked Bara Brith (a traditional Welsh fruit bread) yesterday. I wrapped it in parchment paper tied up with chocolate bakers twine and attached my small thank you note .

My second card was made for my Mum to send to a relative. I've used the beautiful Papertrey 2010 anniversary set I delightedly received from my PTI angel in Hawaii. I stamped the poppy silhouettes in Tumbled Glass Distress Ink to represent the gorgeous Himalayan Blue Poppy. I've tried growing them a few times in the garden but have only been successful once in 2009. It doesn't seem to like my soil - or perhaps its the climate - not much like that in the Himalayas I don't suppose!

There is a third thank you card but I can't post it yet as its on its way to somewhere tropical!

Stamps: All Papertrey Ink: On My Couch, On My Couch Additions, Pocket Silhouettes


  1. OH MY, isn't it gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the picture, Anne. The bunnies ate my poppy down to the ground this year; I miss it's joyful blooms - it's just a peachy pink one. Hope it will come back next year!
    So glad your kitty was found. I know how scared you were when he disappeared. Hugs!

  2. So glad 'Sauage' turned up safely. Such a worry. I have 3 elderly cats left. 'Wimpy' is also black and white (though a persian long hair) but no fear of loosing him as he lives behind the washing machine (hence his nick name). How lovely of you to give a thankyou gift to your neighbour for spotting him. The blue poppy is a gorgeous colour. I didn't know they came in that colour. I only have the standard bright red one which has sadly finished flowering now. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. Both cards are wonderful. So happy to read that your dear kitty was found. The poppy is gorgeous! I've never seen a blue poppy like that. I'll be checking into this one. It might grow where I live. I've not tried poppies here.

  4. I'm so happy to hear Sausage is back home. phew!!! Poor baby.... must have been so scared! I {{{heart}}} his name... hehee...

    Both cards are stunning.... really like how you incorporated the frames on them! We don't have poppies in Hawaii... so this is the first time, I've heard or seen a blue poppy... and it's beautiful! I love how I'm learning a lot of plants/floral info from your blog. :o)

  5. I am so glad that you found your cat . Poor cat!!! I once visited a garden with my garden club in the easterpart of France and there were so many blue poppies, so beautiful. I also tried once when I lived in Holland, no succes, they did not like the climat and soil like you say. That Bara Brit sounds delicious......

  6. Ohhh that blue poppy is just wonderful!! And so are your cards - love the first one with the sofa - one of my fav sets too - and unfortunately this year I did not make it to the anniversary set this year *sight* can't have it all, right? Your blue poppy card is just gorgous!

  7. The cards are absolutely gorgeous, Ann. I am SO thankful that your sweet kitty was found! What a kindly person who found him for you!

  8. I am so glad you got your cat back, you must have been so worried. I just love "on the couch" and you have made a great card with it.
    I wish I had one of those blue poppies, my neighbour is coveting my red one, which this year is in great form, she wants to take a cutting, is that the right way to do it?
    thanks for all your support.


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