Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Happy Birthday Mum

Its Mum's 87th birthday today - we celebrated last week when it was half term and my sister was able to visit. I love this photo of Mum aged about 9 as on the back in her own best handwriting she has written "This is a picture of Gwenora Thomas" with her full address and "This is her at school."
And here she is at Knighton school in 1935. Mum's not in the best of health right now and I wonder how many of these little girls are around to recognise themselves in this photo. Mum always remembers the years she spent in Knighton, a small market town in mid-Wales, as the happiest of her childhood and often says how sad she and her mother were when they had to leave - my grandfather worked in a bank and in those days clerks were often moved from branch to branch.

And this is where they lived - Rhianfa - rented for £1 a week and home to Mum, her parents and Fluffy their little dog. Happy days long ago.


  1. Lovely Photos Ann. Interesting to see how many of her classmates had short bobs! Liz

  2. Hi Ann, Lovely photo memories. Sorry to hear you mother is still not doing well. Wish you all the best.

  3. Congratulations Ann with your mum's birthday. Hope she soon will be better!!!!

  4. Happy birthday to your mum. :) Lovely photos.


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