Friday, 3 June 2011

NF Macro Flowers #4 - Foxgloves

I missed out on Nature Footsteps Macro #3 last week as I just didn't get round to posting my flower photo in time. But it will keep for another day as now June has arrived my colour for #4 this week just has to be Pink. And what could be pinker than Foxgloves.

You have to be quick to snap a bee on Foxgloves - they are in and out of those flower fingers like nobody's business and its a case of guessing when that muffled buzzing means "I'm coming out backwards!" I must have taken about 20 photos trying to catch this busy bee.

The Foxgloves in my garden are at their very best right now and this little group have sown themselves in a perfect spot to catch the evening sun. I'm so lucky to have them as they are wild plants that arrived from who knows where a few years ago and have been seeding themselves here and there ever since. I wonder where they'll appear next year.


  1. These are beautiful, Anne! One of my favorite flowers, but alas, I can't get them to reseed here, no matter how many places I try. So I have to be content to look at other's. Thanks so much for this lovely share!

  2. I'm so impressed with your photos Ann. The bee is great but the macro image of the foxgloves is outstanding. Hugs
    Carol x

  3. What lovely photos, Ann! I love bumble bees so much, and that foxglove is SO gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  4. Beautiful photos Ann, you garden is gorgeous!

  5. I love Foxglove and the picture with the bee is fab !


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