Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Nyjer Effect

I've been buying Nyjer seeds from our local pet shop for a couple of years now and have been delighted to see the beautiful birds it has attracted to the garden. Nyjer is especially enjoyed by finches and I've been photographing them tucking in this week. These four varieties are particularly pretty and colourful. By far the most numerous are the Goldfinches. There must be about 30 members of the little flock that visits every day. They seem to be a particularly squabbly lot and often try to push eachother off the feeders, even when there is another feeder full nearby. I created this digital page to show off their lovely plumage. You can click on the picture for a closeup look. Who says we don't have spectacular birds in the UK!
Just have to add two photos taken in the sunshine the other day - a reminder that the garden really is poised to burst into life - help! I'm not ready!


  1. Oh it is so nice to see someone is having 'spring'! The finches will not return here for about two more months, even though I keep the feeder full just in case one or two should happen by. And your Goldfinches have red caps! Beautiful.

  2. Lovely spring post.
    Take a look at the snowdrops on my blog x

  3. Thanks for a brilliant post. Now I am thinking what I thought were goldfinches were siskins! My snowdrops and crocus and up too.

  4. Oh, Ann, love these photos - you and I are kindred spirits!

  5. Those birds are all so lovely! And you have crocuses! Oh joy! Hopefully, we'll be able to see some. There is still so much snow, I am not sure our flowers (including many tulips) will bloom this year! But I have hope. Thanks for showing these lovely feathered friends! Theresa

  6. My garden is also in the mood for spring....

  7. Goldfinch is such a lovely bird!

    I also love watching birds on our bird-feeder.

  8. I haven't visiting your blog for tooo long - my Germany trip and the revolution here messed up everything. I love, love, love these messangers of spring. They look gorgeous!


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