Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Another Monthly Make - February #2

I think I'm going to become addicted to making these little brooches/pins. These two have elements made using techniques I last tried in the 1970s! Suffolk Puffs and Flower Loom blooms. I saw this pretty card the other day on one of my favourite blogs - Lisa's Sideoats & Scribbles. She used her bloom as an embellishment. I think it works brilliantly and wanted to have a go. I remembered a vintage Flower Loom I found at a car boot sale a couple of years ago - I hadn't even taken it out of its packaging so thought it was about time I did. My other pin has a Suffolk Puff centre - I think its called a Yo-yo in the US. Both brooches have felt die cuts for their centres and the Suffolk Puff has one at the back too.

This last one is a hair clip and is a bit more cheerful in colour. I think it would look very pretty in a little girls hair - perhaps there should be two. Anyway - I'm off to cut some more felt and fabric on my Cuttlebug.


  1. oooh I had a flower loom - forgot all about it till I saw this and now it is all flooding back to me! Love your little makes Ann and so beautifully presented.

  2. ooooh, LOVE these Ann! I know how to make yo-yo's, but not the loopy flowers. They are VERY CUTE!

  3. These are fab Ann. Hugs Pam x

  4. Those look absolutely adorable on their tags. :) Very nicely done! Theresa

  5. These are beautiful! So unique, I love them!

  6. these brooches are so lovely, you could sell them on the market, this summer.


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