Sunday, 12 July 2009

Garden progress

I spent about 4 hours working in the garden today - it was a lovely sunny afternoon. I was able to get down to some weeding jobs I hadn't managed to finish in the last week or so and as the forecast is for rain tomorrow felt very pleased with myself.

The veg patch is doing very nicely and the currants, raspberries, onions, lettuce and garlic have already been harvested. All this heat and rain has been good for growing! These pink pompoms are a few leeks I let go to seed earlier in the year and now I'm really glad I didn't pull them up as they look so pretty and are covered in bees and hoverflies all looking a bit drunk on the nectar! I just love hoverflies (called Flower Flies in the US) as they often seem to stop by to take a good look at you before zooming off!

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  1. Yummmmmmmmy I wish you could send me some of your raspberries! My favorites. They look delicious!


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