Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A nice surprise

I'm really pleased this morning to find one of my Folksy items has been featured by Aleximo on here. The post is fruity themed and there are some gorgeous makes included with my little apple. I also found this great 'zine created by Leanne Woods. If you want inspiration go here! I love the cupcake recipe.

I made a gift box for my apple from one of Lauren Meader's Timeless Templates. I love making them and have quite a collection - some I haven't even tried yet, so watch this space.... I think my shop needs a bit more stock!


  1. OMG!! This has to be the most delightful little thing I have ever seen. You are so clever and I would love if you could sell me one of those apples, please email me at with a way of me owing one. Hugs M xxx

  2. I love this too, I found your site through Monica, if you are selling I definetly want one, and the little one Monica has posted that you also made is adorable too. Please e-mail me at

    I just adore them both!!!


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