Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Creative Weekend

I love the face of this Painted Lady butterfly I snapped in the garden yesterday. It was very hot in the sun and the pink geranium is rather over exposed but I really like the way you can see its 'tongue' sipping nectar. Hard to believe this fragile creature migrates from Africa to spend the summer in our gardens. I believe there has been a huge explosion in their numbers this year and you can find out why here
I really enjoyed Springwatch this year - there were some beautiful films and some of it came from here in North Wales.

One of my great-nieces is 3 tomorrow and I knitted this little bag for her. Little girls always seem to like bags and purses. The stamps on the tag are from Claire's Gingerbread set at Waltzingmouse Stamps. I wanted to put a gingerbread man inside the bag but didn't have time to bake some and couldn't find any in the local shops, so she has a chocolate shortbread cookie instead.

I've been quite creative this weekend as a friend had asked me to make her some wineglass charms (she's posh and entertains a lot - nothing like me!) and I hope she likes them. I've had these plastic beads for about 20 years and they were just waiting for the right project. I wound the silver wire round a very thick knitting needle to make the ring and used a head pin to attach the beads. Then I formed the hook closure with a pair of round nosed pliers. The container had hair clips in it and I sanded the top to remove the maker's logo. The circle stamp is from a Papertrey set - Holiday Tags.

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  1. Hi Ann, just catching up after a two week holiday! I love what you've done with those beads, although to be honest I can't see the point in wine glass charms.

    Still, when you make something for a friend it's for them isn't it. They do look lovely though and I really like the way you recycled the old hair pin box... (more ideas for Christmas)


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