Monday, 27 April 2009

Orange Tip Butterfly caught at last!

Its lovely to see the butterflies in the garden this spring as I had thought they couldn't possibly have survived the awful weather we had this time last year. All the usual varieties are there, including this Orange Tip I managed to capture on camera this week. I was so pleased with the picture as its the first time ever I've been able to get this butterfly photographed. It never seems to settle for more than a second or two and, of course, you can't just snap away with a digital camera! This one is a male as the female doesn't have the orange colour - just the black tip and spot. Isn't it beautiful!

I could have just posted the photo but I haven't done a digital page for a while. I've used kits from 2Peas, Weeds & Wildflowers and Oscraps.


  1. Just stunning again Ann - you must be an amazing photographer or lying about your camera! LOL Hugs, Steph xxx

  2. Steph the secret is to take about 20 photos and hopefully one will be a winner! Ann xx


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