Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Clematis Montana

Like lots of other crafters in blogs I've been reading lately, I've been taking advantage of the beautiful weather we've had over the last week to get busy in the garden with transplanting, sowing and mowing. I've a tiny plastic greenhouse I put up next to an old dead pear tree 3 years ago and I planted a clematis next to it. Its just grown and grown and almost covers the greenhouse roof and the tree and at this time of year is a mass of little globe shaped pink flower buds ready to pop open. When they do open they have lovely pale green stamen in the centre. And I don't even have to prune it - wonderful!

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  1. It's people like you Ann that have made me search the web for a decent Camera - your photos are lovely - shame the pennies won't stretch enough for me to buy one just yet (besides, like my mum says - it's the craftsman, not the tools lol) xxx


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