Wednesday, 27 January 2016

I've squirrelled it away....

I finished a little gift for my friend to give her friend. Apparently they have a squirrel thing going on between them so I hope they both like it. I like making zip purses - they are so useful for storing bits and bobs. This one is big enough for pens and pencils.

I found the squirrel design in an old Dryad Press leaflet entitled Embroidered Dresses for Children. Its written by one of my very favourite embroiderers Priscilla Mary Warner and features five sweet little girls' dresses decorated with embroidered motifs 1950s style. This gingham pinafore is my favourite. Sadly I fear no little girl would submit to wearing such an outfit nowadays. 

And if you read my last post, you might like to see the finished autumn leaf panel. I really enjoyed working it. A quick and easy project that encouraged me to carry on with another gift using embroidery - a small pram/car seat quilt. Already started it!! :o)

Photographed on yet another dull and grey day - even outdoors doesn't produce a particularly good image at the moment!  But we do have the occasional sunny day, for example last Friday was beautiful! I sneaked off by myself to walk on the beach.

Hmm, a shell embroidery is floating around in my head - perhaps nearer the summer!


  1. I love your little purse/pencil case
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Gorgeous zipped purse with the matching material inside. We saw our Mr Squirrel for the 1st time today this winter. He has grown a great deal from last yr if its the same one. Those seashells on the beach look lovely. hugs Mrs A.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Mrs A. I was so itching to pick up shells that day..... but I've so many in jugs and jars already I resisted the urge!

  3. Oh lovely purse Ann and I adore that little Heidi type sweet dress! Your photography is always so good, those shells, fantastic shot!


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