Sunday, 6 December 2015

I know... its been WEEKS!!!

Where does the time go! As usual November has been a busy time for crafters and mine has been manic what with work, volunteering, caring, hospital visiting and crafting to fit in. I've attended three craft fairs in the last three weeks so please do accept my apologies for my long silence.  But now they're done I've a bit more time to get back to my own Christmas preparations and last night I did something I've wanted to do for ages - I learnt how to weave those pretty Danish paper hearts.

And as they say, practise makes perfect, so I make a lot! I bought a die from here a couple of years ago and did try to master the technique at the time but failed for some reason. But I hate to let anything beat me so I watched Eline's video again, pausing it on every move to keep up, and eventually, as with everything, it clicked.

I think where I went wrong last time was I tried to use cardstock instead of paper, but you can't manipulate card, even thin card.  However I did use the card cuts - I snipped them in half, did the weaving and glued the two halves back to back. You don't get the pocket of course but they make pretty  decorations to hang on the tree or in a window.

But of course the idea of the heart pockets it to put little treats in them. I had the old Christmas favourite Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisps in mind but didn't find any locally. Do they still exist? However I found these Whitaker Mint Crisps at B&Ms - the company has been in existence in Skipton, Yorkshire since 1889 and I love an old family business that manages to keep on going in these times of the giant faceless multinational conglomerate - especially a company founded by a woman! That's her on the box - Ida Whitaker. They smell gorgeous and are packaged beautifully with lovely old photos of the Whitakers and staff on the boxes. I haven't eaten any yet but that dark chocolate and mint smell just oozes Christmas to me!

And the mint creams come in my favourite flavors of coffee and mint too. Well..... it is nearly Christmas!

I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging in the run up to the Big Day as I've got lots of other festive projects to share. Hope your preparations are all going to plan. Now back to mine!


  1. So pleased you're back, you have been missed! I've been busy crafting as well and now my cards and tags are in a bricks and mortar shop! Your decorations are beautiful!

    1. You're making me blush Rachel - I thought I'd replied to your lovely comment way back in October but I now see I didn't! I know I typed one but it must have got lost somehow :( Like you I've not been able to find a contact for you either and would love to see your work. If you have a facebook, blog or twitter account do let me know. Congratulations on your papercrafting success too - lovely to hear you are getting recognition for your talents.

    2. Oh thank you, it's so kind of you to reply with all your kind words, I do appreciate your time taken and thoughtfulness! All I have is an old iPad, but believe daughter has a newer version for me for Christmas, so that will enable me to have a web site and maybe even a blog, gasp! Then I can showcase my work, scary! I really do love your little blog here, it's so homely!

  2. Good to see you back - love the little heart baskets and those mint crisps look great - as you said it's good to see old family businesses still going strong (unless by chance they have been taken over by a giant who kept the name?!)

  3. So good to see you back blogging again Ann! You fuel my inspiration! The little heart pockets are so pretty and useful too. I'd be happy to join you sharing those chocolates. I love coffee and mint fondants and traditional mint crisps too! I look forward to you blogging more in the run up to Christmas. Just to say re my email: looking back at your previous posts I saw you posted about the stamps that I was recommending to you! Silly me. I should have known that if there are any great stamps out there you would know about them. Please forgive me. x

  4. Love those tree hangings
    Julie xxxxx

  5. Thank you for my card and the lovely woven hearts, especially now I read all the work that went into them. I love the mint cremes.......


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