Wednesday, 19 August 2015

World Photography Day


Its ‪#‎WorldPhotographyDay‬ (apparently) so I thought I'd blog some of my Dad's photos. When we were young he was a keen photographer and developed his films in the bathroom - we were forbidden to enter when he was in there in the dark with his strange paraphernalia, spooky red lightbulb and those weird chemical smells. His photographs were often imperfect but I love them all, especially those he took of us when we weren't looking. Here we are on the beach - I think at Butlins Pwllheli circa 1956.

Here's another Butlins photo probably taken in 1954 - I swear it never rained when we were at our most favourite place in the world at that time. We so looked forward to our week at Butlins. I think I dreamed about it for weeks beforehand!

Its the moments in time caught forever that I love about these un-posed photos. Most Sundays we went for trips into the countryside - either just for a walk or a picnic in good weather.

Here we'd been given fishing nets and messing about near the water was always irresistible. This is the River Dwyfor near Trawsfynydd where our Uncle and Aunt lived.

Another of my sister and I - there were four of us but by the time my youngest sister came along in 1956 Dad had stopped developing his films himself so there are fewer photos - much to my baby sister's disgust. She is still put out that there aren't many pictures of her!

Here we are with Mum playing a game of chase in a daisy strewn field long ago.

And this was a birthday party in the garden - we'll never know what everyone was so interested in on the grass.

There are lots taken in the back garden. This is us with my Mother's friend Bessie's newly adopted son Peter - a much longed for child for her and her husband.

And another game in the garden - this time with Hazel from next door. We were always outside even in the winter - warmly wrapped up of course!

And with my cheeky cousin Dafydd - Mum says he was always a naughty boy.... something he vehemently denies now!!

And finally a much later picture of all of us with Mum. My sister will only moan if I leave her out! By this time (about 1958) Dad's pictures came as coloured slides which we viewed on a big white plastic screen through a slide projector. Some time ago I got the chance to borrow a slide scanner and scanned them all into the computer.  It took an age but I'm so glad I did.


  1. Happy memories. Dad's photos were always in black and white until around the early 1960's. I remember him having a roll of colour film in his camera when we went to Kingsbrige in Devon on holiday to stay with Dad's parents who had retired there. Granddad offered to take a photo and after listening carefully to Dad's instructions to kep the camera steady and get us all in the frame he got wobble shake ad the picture was a disaster. Dad was livid when the photos came back developed and moaned for ages about the waste of film and how expensive it was! Thankyou for my trip down memory lane. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Oh Ann How lucky you are with all those lovely pictures. I especially love that one with you and your sister fishing. I don't remember if my parents had a camera. There are some photo's of me and my brother when i was young but just a few....

  3. Utter treasures, they took me back to my childhood, my sister and I used to have those little bows in our hair too!

  4. Wonderful photos of a bygone era!!! My dad used to film us and we watched it back on a projector. Such well dressed children. Your Mum and Dad must have been very proud of you all. x


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