Saturday, 29 March 2014

Cute & Easy Crochet

I often turn to my craft books and Pinterest boards for inspiration when there's a craft fair coming up but do worry about using someone else's idea for profit - even if its with raising money for charity in mind.  I love these little purses I found in Nicki Trench's book Cute & Easy Crochet - they would be perfect for my stall, but there's that guilt feeling in the back of my mind again!

However I spied a similar comment on Nicki's facebook page and to my delight found that she has very generously given permission to sell her designs in return for a small one-off Product Selling Fee.  Yipee!  I can feel completely comfortable making these for my stall now.  I have tweeked the pattern a bit.  I found I coudn't make a neat buttonhole fastening so have changed to large press studs or magnetic fasteners.  And if the lining fabric I've chosen is a bit thin I back it with fusible interfacing to make a sturdier purse that would perfectly protect a mobile phone. 

Using odd balls of Aran yarn from my stash produces slightly random sized purses but I rather like that as different folks will want to use them for different purposes. 

Note:  There is one proviso from Nicki - you can only make up to 100 items from any one pattern.  Hmm, can't imagine that will be a problem for me! :o)


  1. These are so pretty although I think the pattern looks generic and I am sure I have seen this kind of pattern around years ago! I think you should make up your own pattern, you are certainly talented enough to do so and then you can charge a hefty sum for those that want to replicate it!!!

    I hope you do well selling them for your charity and are able to make back the money spent on the product selling fee. x

    1. You are right of course Simone - it would not be difficult to make up a pattern. Crochet is a craft that lends itself easily to pattern making and indeed making it up as you go along! However its really the idea/inspiration that I feel I'm gaining from Nicki Trench books - and of course there are a whole lot of ideas/patterns in her books I can draw on. I don't really think I've paid over the odds to be able to make money from her patterns. And not everything I make is to raise money for a charity - its for me! ;o)


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