Friday, 8 November 2013

Foraging for Christmas

Its miserably wet today but yesterday was glorious!  So with Christmas gifts in mind I took the opportunity to go foraging for sloes and rose hips.  Unforunately sloes seem in short supply in my usual haunts this year and I may have to look father afield (no pun intended!)

There were rose hips aplenty though but they were hard to reach and I may just use those in my wild round the edges garden.

Although officially off the public footpath (which is at the bottom of this field) I walked the boundaries of this large harvested corn field and startled the rabbits that were feasting on the corn cobs left behind.

I spied this lonely wasp feeding on ivy flowers - it must be a queen which should be hibernating over the winter ready to start a new colony next spring.  I hope she managed to find a warm sheltered spot to sleep in.

All the recent rain has made the fields and footpaths very muddy and I arrived home with filthy boots and jeans.  I knew this particular path would be knee deep in mud but I've followed it for at least 40 years and lots of memories come into my mind each time I walk this way.

Memories of my son playing in the stream in the field behind the hedge on the left, of once spying two little owls blinking at me from a branch in the tree on the bend, and meeting an elegant lady, long since passed on, collecting wild watercress from the once clean ditch just here.  Sadly its now completely clogged up.

And again this favourite view down the vale reminds me how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful land.  I look forward to the next sunny day when I can take another walk in the fields.


  1. The photos are so beautiful, you were lucky to have a wonderful walk on a wonderful sunny day, even though the scenery is always changing and memories look better than reality... Mr Rabbit looks pretty satisfied with his corn lunch :)))

  2. Beautiful place and lucky you to have the blue skies today it's been wet all day here in the SW.


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