Monday, 4 November 2013

All Poppied Out!

Although I've been away from blog land during October I have been keeping myself occupied!  The last couple of weeks have been poppied away - I made some remembrance poppies for a craft fair a week ago using Mary T's excellent pattern here, sold them all and then had lots of orders through my facebook page and from family and friends.  I'm delighted with the response and so far have raised £58 for the appeal!  :)

As always I couldn't resist presenting them on my favourite button cards and I added a die cut felt leaf.  Did you know the leaf should be positioned in the 11 o'clock position to represent 11.00 am on the 11th day of the 11th month?  I'll be seeing poppies in my sleep soon - I'm even taking the opportunity to crochet them whilst visiting my Mum in hospital and I've sold some to the nursing staff too!  Mum's been there for three weeks now but hopefully will be discharged soon as she is doing well. 


  1. Lovely poppies and well done for making so much for the appeal. I didn't know about the leaves being at 11o'clock - you learn so much from blogging eh?!

  2. Your poppies are beautiful Ann. I am not surprised that people want to buy them. I am not on Facebook anymore so unfortunately I can't comment on your lovely page. I did know about the 11 o'clock position for the leaf and keep on pointing out to my husband all the newsreaders and people on the telly who get it wrong! Sorry to hear that your Mum has not been well and I hope that she gets better soon. By the way there is a giveaway on my blog that will be finishing soon if you are interested. x

  3. I love them, maybe i will copy you. Glad you are back in blogland.

  4. Lovely post. They are lovely poppies.
    Glad you mum is getting better
    Julie xxxxxx


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