Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sometimes you just gotta stamp!

Yes, that's how I felt yesterday.  And as these simply stamped little cards proved popular at my last craft fair I had a perfect excuse to indulge myself.  If you are a stamper and a fan of Wplus9, Paptertrey Ink, or Waltzing Mouse Stamps you might recognise some of the sets I've used.  I had a lovely time trying out a few newly acquired stamps and some old favourites.  The card blanks are just 3" (7.5cms) square (I'm very partial to small cards) and were purchased in packs of about 50 cards and envelopes at Craft Land-udno in, guess where, Llandudno! - a large rather chaotic store in Mostyn Street.  In both cream and white good quality cardstock I think they are a bargain at £4.00 a pack.

However this morning there was no time for stamping.  I found this little creature on the kitchen floor when I got up this morning - its a pipistrelle bat. 

Even though it has an injured wing its a fiesty little character who didn't appreciate my efforts to help. Trying to keep my cat away I first picked it up in a soft duster and put it in my coalhouse as I thought it would like the dark and quiet - but it escaped under the door.  Then I tried the attic windowsill - but it tried to jump out of the window and rolled down the roof and into the guttering!  PANIC!  Then it climbed out of the guttering and fell onto the plastic leanto roof.  Even more PANIC!  I rescued it again and after consulting the Bat Conservation Trust website, put it in a large box with some scrunched up kitchen roll and a bottlecap of water.  It has settled down to sleep now and a bat handler is to collect it this afternoon.  Phew!  I do hope it will survive its injuries - shame I didn't get a better photo but I didn't want to stress it even more by posing it in the open.  If I hear how it gets on and you are interested, I'll post any news on my facebook page - but I am a bit worried about that injured wing.


  1. Such beaurtiful cards. I love your stamping Ann and you always inspire me to take up my crafting again. How wonderful to find a bat! I wonder how it found its way to your kitchen? I would love to know its progress and am sure the the Bat Conservation Trust will do all they can to save it. x

  2. OMG Ann, younrescued him I think. Îdid not visitbyournblogbfornages, it.s a sorry But summer was hotnhere andnwe had some visitorsand inwas notin the blogging mood.......

    1. Me too Baukje! Too hot, too busy, and too many visitors - as you can see from my last post. :-) But we did have a lovely time this August.

  3. Omg Ann! Love, love those gorgeous Wplus9 cards! Can totally see why they are a hit t the craft fair. Hmmm.. I think I need to put in an order with Wplus9 soon, again, all your fault! Lol... :)
    And no, we do not have bats in HI. But yours looks so darn cute and harmless, you are so sweet! Lucky guy, stumbled into such good, caring hands. Please keep me posted. You know how much I love animal rescue stories. Thanks for sharing, Ann.xoxo

  4. Fab cards, so bright and colourful.
    I would have just panicked fullstop over the bat and called the RSPCA! You did great.


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