Friday, 30 August 2013

Autumn leaves

Daytimes are still Summer around here but I have to admit there is a whiff of Autumn about as the evenings draw in.  And there is a definite change in the look of the trees, as if they are preparing to put on their Autumn colours.  So I thought I'd make an Autumn garland in readiness.  I used leaf dies from Papertrey Ink, gorgeous plant dyed wool felt scraps from Myriad, plastic pony beads I found in a charity shop and some delicious thick orange bakers twine.

With garlands there is always the difficulty of how to photograph them satisfactorily and here I resorted to the old tumbledown shed outside my backdoor once more.  I just love its faded grey paintwork.  Sadly its slowly disintegrating as bits fall off it every now and then - the window fell out last year but it made a perfect sunny morning sitting spot for Titch. :-)

PS - I've hear nothing about the little bat since the bat man took it away on Wednesday - but he did promise to let me know how it gets on. 


  1. Very colorfuul, love them, bu t I hope summer will stay a little longer'

  2. Looks smashing against your old shed. There is something about old wood that makes it so interesting to photograph. We have an old shed at the bottom of the garden falling to bits but loath to get rid of it so just keep shoring it up!
    Hugs Mrs A.

  3. I love the autumn garland and autumnal colours. My old shed is falling to pieces too! I hope that the little bat is ok. You did all you could and placed him/her in safe hands.

  4. This garland is beautiful Ann, and it looks great on the shed. I've had a lovely browse through you posts and it is plain to see that you have had a busy summer. I love seeing your month in review pics.


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