Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Our summer visitors are here!

I was delighted to see my first swallows here in North Wales on Saturday (27th April) whilst driving home.  They were swooping over the river fairly close to the coast - but I couldn't stop to admire them there.  Then yesterday I saw two of our local swallows from the window of the top bedroom at my workplace.  They were resting on a TV aerial and I wondered if they had just arrived from Africa.  Its always a happy day when we see swallows and feel summer is really on its way at last.  

Looking back to last year I noted first seeing swallows on 3rd May and I made a card to celebrate.  This time I thought I'd make a quick embroidered picture - well more of a stamped applique really - for my celebration.  I stamped onto some blue fabric, cut out my swallow, attached it to some plain linen using iron-on adhesive, which I then attached to a pretty printed cotton.  A few running stitches and french knots were added and I stamped on the date.  The swallow stamp is from a set of four pretty bird images by Hampton Art - a US company but I think I bought them on ebay.

I was reminded of the swallow's lustrous blue feathers when I was browsing the way to blue's gorgeous stall at the fair on Saturday (I make no apologies for harping on about this fabulous event - see my last post).  I couldn't resist a couple of purchases - but what to choose!  In the end I went for this pretty notebook and a tealight lantern.  I was drawn to this image of a robin silhouette and once lit and sitting on my mantlepiece I didn't regret buying it even thought it took me ages to decide which design to go for.


I do remember reading about cyanotypes and I have a dim memory of a nature project in a children's book showing how to transfer an image of a pressed flower or leaf onto paper or fabric using sunlight.  However this is the first time I've seen this process being used to such beautiful effect - and by a local artist too!

Note to self for 2014 - Swifts arrived Bank Holiday Monday 6th May


  1. I did not see them here , hope they will arrive soon!!!!!
    LOVE all those blue things. Just finished everything for the market,made my list and the price tickets. that's always so difficult, people don't want to pay a lot for handmade things, they don't see the hours of work...... Is that in the UK the same?

  2. Hi Ann, Seeing your post reminds me that the swallows here should be arriving soon too. Only they better like snow! The hummingbirds started to show up last week and I'm glad I have the feeders out for them. Those poor little guys are sitting on the perches trying to stay warm whild it snows out today. :o( Definitely spring time in the Rockies! But it should not last long. The sun will return and melt this away. Just glad the daffodils have not opened yet. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Isn't it amazing, that the swallows always come in time? Concratulation to the new lantern, it is sooo pretty!


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