Monday, 25 March 2013


We were all very disappointed when our first vintage and craft fair of the season had to be cancelled on Saturday due to this.....................

and this........

But don't worry, this is not my gateway!  We went out in the car last evening to see the white-out that arrived here in the UK on Friday.  Some local roads, including the main A5, are still closed today and I've got an unexpected day off work.

The fair has been rearranged now to 27th April - plenty of time to rethink my stock.  I'd put far too much into my Easter basket - but no problem, I'll keep it all for next year and have a head start then.

I crocheted these hanging eggs and decorated them with buttons, braid, crochet and felt flowers and hung them on the twisted willow a friend kindly cut from her tree for me.  Rather tempting for the cats though!

And I have lots of things that will be just as appropriate for an April fair - like these scented hearts cut from old embroidered linens I've been collecting.

And the hair clips I've made using my new Boutique Accessories stamps and dies.

So now I'm off to find new inspiration in my files and on Pinterest - with a new springtime theme.  Try to keep warm everyone - apparently there's more to come!


  1. Hi Ann, sorry I haven't visited in awhile. I think your snow is pretty, and I'm glad you'll have a day off because of it. As slways, I love seeing what you've been working on - the stuffed hearts are my fave today!

  2. Don't worry, Ann, with a cute Easter tree like that, Spring is bound to arrive!
    PS: we had 3 days of awful wind, lots of snow and super-freezing temperatures here in Romania, as well!

  3. Beautiful items that you have created! Such a shame about the craft fayre, but at least it has been rescheduled.xx

  4. Oh no! how disappointing that the craft fair was cancelled - understandable though with all that snow. We're fortunate not to have been so badly affected down here. Do hope it has all melted by the 27th and you have a very successful day.
    Ann x

  5. I am sure your wares will sell well whenever the fair takes place! It was probably a good thing to be cancelled as I don't suppose many people would have turned up. Now you have more time to make things for later in the year. The scented hearts look so beautiful.

  6. What beautiful craft items you have! Love the eggs and the nice thing is they will keep until the next time. I must add that I also love the vehicle you were cruising in. What a beauty that is! Enjoy the peace and quiet of your day off.

  7. It's so cold isn't it? Cant believe all that snow! We've had a few flakes but nothing major.I'm loving all your makes x

  8. Hi Ann,
    I'm sorry the fair was cancelled but hopefully the customers will be more eager to come because they have been kept waiting. Winter is hanging on around here too and all the spring flowers are late in blooming. I love all the goodies you have ready for sale and your willow Easter tree is gorgeous .

  9. Those snowpictures are so beautiful but i am glad they were not taken here!!!! The crocheted eggs with the cat, I love it. And those precious hearts, gorgeous!

  10. Oh Wales looks like some parts of Northern Ireland Ann. Even though we are at the foot of the Sperrin Mountains (which were covered) we did ourselves not get any snow worth talking about.....but elsewhere in this province it was just like your pictures....everything you've made is just wonderful...sorry the 'eggs' won't get sold this year but they'll keep as others say. The hearts made out of old linens are just amazing. They will surely sell whatever time of year.
    As for the hair adornments....that stamp and die are just the last word and makes these little offerings very saleable. I love it but won't buy it as I have finished with craft fairs....I think...yes, more than think...been there, done that etc.
    Yes, the that a Morris Oxford?...and the dapper gentleman? Rarely does one see a hat like that on a man DH has one too but haven't seen it on him in a while' Keep working for 27th April on your non-Easter offerings. Kind regards


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