Saturday, 2 June 2012


I do remember 2 June 1953 - vaguely.  I was 5 years old and I remember a flickering screen in a darkened room where friends and neighbours of my parents were gathered.  Like many other families we acquired our first television set for the occasion.  My Mum said she was not impressed when Dad brought the set home.  She said "why would I want to watch that - I won't have the time!"  But my sister and I loved Watch With Mother - Andy Pandy, The Flowerpot Men, and all the other puppets.

As well as the Coronation, 1953 was the year the National Eisteddfod came to Rhyl.  Dad was involved with the preparations on The Maes (the field) as he worked for the electricity board MANWEB.  I found this photo amongst his negatives - its The Queen arriving at the Eisteddfod.  She was on her Coronation Tour of Wales.  I remember her car was to drive past our house and we all stood in the front garden to wave.

Our family had another celebration in 1953 - it was the year we became five instead of four.  My sister Elizabeth Jane was born in December. 

If you are celebrating this weekend I hope the sun shines for you.  I'm sure we'll be watching The Queen on television at some time over the next few days - just like we did 60 years ago.  Oh, and Mum did eventually change her mind about the TV!

I missed out posting my vintage children for June yesterday so here they are - hmmm..... not sure about that rhyme!


  1. It certainly brings back plenty of memories doesn't it? Have a good weekend.

  2. Oh what a fabulous set of photos! Very cool that she went by your house. :) Thanks for sharing an awesome family memory!

  3. Remember all those programes though we didn't get a television until 1956. Stil got my ration book too and a lock of my hair from when Mum cut it in 1959!!!! Hugs mrs a.

  4. What a lovely memory and post Ann. Sadly, it's been pouring with rain here!

  5. Your post gave me goose pimples, thank you so much for sharing Ann & hope you enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations :) Sometimes I wish the television had never been invented (I'd rather read a book or make a card lol)....usually when I can't prise the children from it lol x

  6. Just seen your comment on my blog this morning - can't believe you've seen my Craft Stamper projects! You would not believe how I struggled to get something to send to them....I do NOT work well under pressure, the Editor has asked for more but I simply can't do it - my mind goes blank (probably because I'm not allowed to use PTI products LOL) xxx


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