Monday, 4 October 2010

Very excited!

I really enjoy making these little lavender sachets for my local charity shop - its been a nice way to turn some of the yarn and fabric remnants I've accumulated over the years into funds for a good cause. And as the festive season is on the horizon, last week I thought I'd make some Christmas Spice versions, with crushed cloves and cinnamon sticks replacing the lavender.

Being quite pleased with them myself, you can imagine how excited I was to receive an email from a lady who had bought one and asking if I could make some for her small shop. Don't you love it when someone likes what you've made. I almost feel like I've won a prize or had a promotion! But I'll be busy, busy, busy over the next few weeks as I've also landed myself a little part-time job, and what with my voluntary commitments too, it will almost seem like I'm back in full time employment!

My little note books have also sold quite well recently so I made a few more with an Autumn theme using my lovely Papertrey Friendship Jar stamps. And what do you think to these Halloween gift tags - I thought they would be ideal to turn inexpensive sweets into Halloween 'trick or treat' ammunition easily and cheaply. We don't go overboard on Halloween here in the UK but its nice to give any small members of the family a little something on the night.


  1. Love your projects Ann, lovely packaging too. It really looks so pretty! No wonder they sell well :)

  2. How fab Ann - not surprised though your work is of a wonderfully high quality. Love those little notebooks you have done.

  3. Cute ideas and beautiful projects! I wish I lived close by to visit the shop you sell those items in.

  4. Love all three ideas. Those little knitted bags are so cute. Do you have a patern by any chance?

  5. Congratulations, Ann. That's amazing news! I hope that the sachets do well in the shop. I love all the other little goodies you made, as well. Those Halloween tags are TOO cute. :) Theresa

  6. Love those little sachets & tags! Very cute! :) TFS

  7. Love those Halloween gift tags.
    You will see from our blog that we
    love Halloween.

  8. What a busy woman you are....Everything is so lovely.


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