Tuesday, 24 March 2009

My Buns in the Oven

Or should that be Bun in the Ovens! Here's my version of Lauren Meader's excellent Timeless Template which you can find here. I made these for my sisters on Mothers Day - I always like to give them a little something as well as my Mum. However my buns were not so cute as Lauren's - I couldn't make myself use baby socks as she did as they could not be put to good use after the day. So I used one-size adult socks instead and of course they were rather too big for the ovens - and I had to give the odd white socks used for the cupcake cases separately. I must say the recipients were rather bemused until they 'got it'!
But they are cute and I shall be making an Easter version to hold mini-eggs for the children.

PS - a note to the lovely Steph who always leaves a sweet comment on my posts - but has so much stash she doesn't know what she's got!!!! Steph, I've got a little notebook which has all my stamps stamped in it and if I were to go on a spending spree I would take it with me to check I wasn't buying duplicates...... good idea?


  1. LOL thanks for the suggestion Anne but I think I'm beyond help now!!

    I actually squealed with delight when I saw your 'buns in the oven' - awww Anne, they're to die for :) I actually worship Lauren Meader but am not brave enough to attempt any of her ideas (yet)

    Have a lovely weekend my dear *hugs* Steph xxx

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  3. These are fabulously cute!!!!


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