Saturday, 28 March 2009

Flower Carnival page

This is the first layout I've produced with the photos I took when I visited my sister in February. I wanted to get something "blogged" to show her so I didn't extract the cut-out images as carefully as I should have and cheated by blurring the edges. So Steph (my expert digital scrapper blog-friend in California) please don't look at it too closely! But I still like the overall effect of the page.

The Flower Carnival was lovely but we wondered where on earth they were able to get all those thousands of flowers from in February! The idea is that the girls throw flowers to those watching and the tradition is to throw Mimosa - which was in flower everywhere. At the end of the parade they were also throwing flowers from the displays so some lucky people ended up with armfulls of beautiful exotic blooms - but were happy with our Mimosa and it looked lovely in my sister's mosaic vase at home. Here are two more photos of the beautiful floats in the parade. Unfortunately lots of my pictures had hands in them as there were excited children standing in front of us!


  1. Gosh that carnival looks amazing - such bright vivid colours - simply stunning & your page just captures it perfectly - nice job Ann!

  2. Fantastic job on this... as far as the extractions go, it would be almost impossible to do them perfectly. You did just fine! I love your photos & the way you put this together. Very fanciful, and fun!


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