Friday, 10 February 2017

Winter into Spring?

February is here and of course Valentine's Day is all over the place. I don't join in the sending and receiving of cards/gifts on the day but a friend asked me to make a couple of small love tokens for her daughter and a dear friend of her mother's so I turned once again to the wonderful Minki Kim and took my inspiration from her Valentine's Day Tags post.  There's a key ring for the daughter and a bookmark for the friend.  Hope they suit.

I do rather feel this yearly celebration of romance marks a turn in the season - especially as the sun has returned to the very bottom of the garden for an hour or two in the mornings. But of course its still cold and winter may well have something in store for us before we can definitely celebrate spring. However the sunlight on the old brick edging and spying one or two of my resident flock of sparrows with feathers and other nesting materials in their beaks is a cheering sight.

So, I wish all you lovebirds a Happy Valentine's Day next week and trust you will receive the appropriate love token.  When I was young we all hoped for an anonymous card from a secret admirer - I never got one but how times have changed!


  1. Such beautiful makes - I LOVE the first one. Fab photos too. TYFS.

  2. Some lovely makes and lovely photos Anne. I shouldn't think we've seen the back of winter yet but I sure appreciate the longer days and lighter mornings! x

    1. Me too Simone! But I would like to see a bit of snow before the end of winter..... just for a day or two.... and at the weekend..... oh and I'd LOVE to see some hoar frost!!!!


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