Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Creative Year!

Wishing anyone who reads this a Happy, Creative, Peaceful and above all Safe 2017! Its been a pretty awful year for the world and it hasn't been too good for this blog either. I've toyed with the idea of closing it down but there's so much of my life over the past 8 years recorded here I'm lothed to do it. So I'm going to try a different tack in 2017 and write shorter posts but more of them.

I became infatuated with "sewing illustration" in the second half of 2016 and have even bought myself a new sewing machine for Christmas, one more suited to this style of machine embroidery (I just can't get on with free motion - I need more control!)  So to start off the new year, a new sew-a-long from the wonderful Minki Kim. Want to join in? Here's a link to the details:

Back soon!


  1. Lovely pieces. I love free-motion embroidery, you just have to remember that you are not sewing seams in a item of clothing, just follow the edge of the piece of fabric you are stitching down.

    Happy New Year

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. No, no, no... I would miss you so much!

    Your sewing illustrations are adorable!

  3. They're so cute, Ann! I know what you mean about the blog, I've given up on mine but I do miss it, I might even take it up again in the Summer if I get more free time. I'm glad yours is still here :)

  4. Your sewing illustrations are wonderful creations. I just love the little kitty's expression! I hope you don't close your blog as there is a wealth of information and creations within! Just blog when you can. I would certainly miss you if you just disappeared. Happy New Year Ann! x


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