Monday, 15 February 2016

PS I Love You

I made another zip purse/pouch (don't really like that word pouch!), intending to post on Valentine's Day but for various reasons it didn't happen. But I'm going to blog it anyway and damn the consequences!

As travelling crafter I'm always looking for plastic bags to put bits and pieces in but this is much nicer..... Oh yes, I don't have a significant other to give this little love token to so I'm having it! When I saw the heart block idea on Pinterest  the first thought that came into my head was the Beatles song and I Googled it to see when it was released as I can play it word perfect in my head. But what came up were pages and pages of links about a film I'd never heard of.

After further investigation I found it to be the B-side of Love Me Do released in October 1962 and I remembered it so well as it was the first single I ever bought.  Both sides were played over and over in my bedroom on a tiny record player I'd received for my birthday, no doubt driving my parents mad!! Ah, memories memories!


  1. I like the patchwork heart idea. Very pretty. For me it was 'The Price of Love ' by the Everley Brothers 1965. Sweet memories. hugs Mrs A.

  2. Fab bag - that heart is lovely.

  3. Oooh love this, and I also love the patchwork heart too!

  4. It's beautiful Ann! I love the detail on the zip pull too! x


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