Tuesday, 22 September 2015

I bought another gadget!!

I can't resist a gadget - its my Dad's fault, he had to have the latest gadget, but then in his day (sadly he died 20 years ago) there were no electronic knick knacks to fill pockets and bags. Dad bought gadgets for the garden and kitchen - a strimmer, toasted sandwich maker, soda stream, etc. I've inherited his love of little machines and when I saw this one on Pinterest I so wanted it! I do love the Knitting Nancy of my childhood and have a few - a couple of dolls and a red topped mushroom and I remember using the empty cotton reel with four nails in the top.  But I've been asked to do something for the charity shop's Halloween window display and had an idea for bunting made of long strings of knitting with small woolly pumpkins hanging down.  But I'll show these later. In the meantime I made these woolly bracelets.

You can knit SO FAST with this little gadget. It would have taken me days to knit strings long enough for two large shop windows with a Knitting Nancy but I did them in a couple of hours!  Wonderful! Bracelets take about 5 minutes and are just right for this cooler time of year. Here's one on me!

And I've tagged some bracelets for sale using my lovely new stamp from Clarise Crafts. Been wanting to order one for ages and when I saw there was already a design featuring a dandelion clock I knew it was meant for me - Plowmen's Clocks - get it?!

The knitter is quite easy to use once you've realised how it works. There's a video demo here using a different brand machine but it works in exactly the same way. It is quite mesmerising to watch the stitches forming.

I do have a couple of tips learned whilst trying to get started however:-

1. On the first turning of the handle make sure the yarn is hooked on only two opposite hooks.After that the yarn will be taken up by all four hooks.

2. Watch the yarn and turn slowly until you are sure the stitches are forming correctly - you can hear a little click as each stitch is pulled off the hook and through the stitch below. After that you can turn faster.

3. Attach the heavy weight as soon as you've got going to pull the knitting down - otherwise you'll end up with a big tangle at the top of the tube.

4. Make sure you unwind the yarn from the ball as you go and let it feed through without any tension. As soon as you feel any resistance through the handle unwind more yarn.

Happy French Knitty!!


  1. Love those little bracelets. I still have my knitting dolly/nancy which was given to me in the early sixties
    Julie xxx

  2. I love that cute thing. One of my friends in the craftclub had one. She. Pulled wire inthe string . I did not see at which moment and how she did it. But in the end she could make the name of her daughterwith the string. So cute and so fast.

  3. What fun! You could thread cord through the knitted tubes to give a firmer effect perhaps should you wish or use gold or silver thread. I remember making mats for my dolls by coiling my lengths. Or I remember seeing the cords being used to decorate sweaters years ago. Stitched in coils or designs or... the sky's the limit isn't it?!

  4. Oh Ann you wicked woman tempting me with a new fad for me to acquire! The bracelets look fab and how nice to see a peak of you (well your arm lol).

  5. My goodness that looks positively lethal! lol. I well remember the knitting nancy and having old wooden reels with nail banged in the top too. Can't think what we made with the strips of knitting that we made in multi colours though. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Hugs Mrs A.

  6. Such a great gadget! Those woolly bracelets are so 'on trend'. I can't wait to see your woolly pumpkins too!!!

  7. I am sure I left a comment here twice Oh well! I bet I forgot to sign in again! Ann the bracelets are gorgeous and very 'on trend' now don't you know?!!! I am sure I would have great fun with a gadget like that. x


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