Friday, 19 June 2015

This week......

........I tried some different design motives and a square shape for more fabric trays.  I think the hexagon makes a more attractive tray but I've a plan to make sets of 4 drink coasters to go in the squares. These should make nice little gifts or an item for craft fairs (if I do any more fairs this year that is). Four different bird shapes should be quite easy but I need to think of a fourth fruit to complete a fruity set.

And speaking of summer drinks (a very tenuous link!!) the Elder in the garden is in bloom and its time to start some Elderflower cordial. It seems to be a good year for the flowers and there are Elders at different stages on my regular walks so if I can time it right I should be able to make at least two and hopefully three batches before the flowers start to go over into berries.

Its always quite sad pouring boiling water over those beautiful frothy blooms but the end result is so delicious, so cheap and easy, and produces the most perfect refreshing summer drink.  As always I used the recipe found in my favourite preserving book Sensational Preserves. If you'd like to follow that recipe I blogged it here in 2010.


  1. Every year I say I will make Elderflower Cordial and every year I never, but this year I WILL, I Will, I will.......
    Julie xxxxx

  2. I've made 20 litres of elderflower syrup. Some are mixed with melissa. I love it! It's my favourite drink plus it is healthy and cheap. In wonter I use it instead of sugar to sweeten herbal tea. Delicious!

    My suggestion for 4th fruit: strawberry

    Can you belive it in a month I'll step on UK ground again! YAY! Hip hip hurray for summer vacations!

  3. My elderflowers have already started to go over into berries! I think elderflowers are the prettiest tiny flowers. Your square fabric trays are really great and you have done such a professional job with the applique. I like your fruity theme. As you have chosen orchard fruits, you could do plums or different colours of apples perhaps! x


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