Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Bank Holiday Walking

Well not much was going on here this bank holiday (no transport available for any jolly outings) so when the sun came out I took a walk to the cemetery.  Its a lovely walk, especially at this time of year when the lanes are lined with beautiful swathes of Ladies' Lace and the hills are clear and close after rain.

Along the way I found many of my favourite wild flowers.  Here are a few you might recognise - well actually I've named them for you.

I was happy to see these bluebells were our own British variety not the invading European bells which are usually seen in hedgerows and verges near gardens these days.  Although most of these wild flowers do turn up in my semi wild garden I've never seen Bluebells there but there are dozens of the blue and white bells from 'The Continent'.  Still, I can't complain, they are quite pretty, but like daffodils their leaves have to be left to die back naturally to feed the bulbs for next year.  Can't wait to cut them off - they do look so untidy.

I often wonder why my garden looks so untidy while the farmers manage to keep their land looking so neat and tidy.  Lots of very hard work I suppose.

Its not a long walk, about two and a half miles there and back.  And its on the flat, which is unusual round here. But it was a warm afternoon so I casted my clout - after all the May was most definitely out! 


  1. Lovely photos and thanks for the names of the flowers, some of which I've never seen.
    Linby x

  2. I'm sad that the old rhyme has proved untrue, the May is indeed out here too, and Saturday was really warm... but we have since reverted to chilly and rainy on this side of Moel Famau sadly :o( Lovely photos! I love the old names for world flowers, I'm waiting for the scarlet pimpernel, although I haven't seen that wild for a few years.

  3. Ooops, I meant WILD flowers.... but typing it in caps make them seem angry ;o)


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