Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Quick & Easy Gifty Ideas

I always need quick and easy projects I can make for the occasional craft fair I attend.  What's needed is something quick and inexpensive to produce out of supplies I've already got and that I can sell at a low price. Hopefully to draw in customers who might then make multiple purchases - isn't that what supermarkets do!

Anyway - whilst browsing in The Works craft section a few weeks ago I found these pretty sticky backed fabric sheets - £1.99 for a pack of four different designs - and the idea of these little brooches came into my head.

They couldn't be easier to make. I drew round the wooden shapes on the paper backing of the fabric and cut out just inside the pencil line. You can carefully cut off any overlaping edges with a sharp scissors but its better to get the size right on the first stick! I gave the fabric a coat of Mod Podge but watered down PVA glue would be just as good. Glue on a brooch back and present on a stamped card. These will make an appearance at my next fair whenever that is - I've nothing booked at the moment - but they'd also make pretty last minute token gifts don't you think?


  1. They are great! I certainly would purchase one
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. They are lovely Ann. I also am working for a summermarket, dyeing and sewing as always. How busy we are.......

  3. They are sure to be a good seller for you Ann! The sticky backed fabric sheets were a great find! Your presentation is A1 as always. x

  4. I bought that material too - and a little box I think I'm going to use it on. These brooches look lovely.

  5. They came out great Ann. Well done.


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