Sunday, 2 November 2014

Do you know Julie?

Julie Arkell that is.  We've been very honored to have Julie as artist in residence right here at Ruthin Craft Centre for the past month and she's been kept very busy with workshops, open studio days and today - on her last day here - there was a 'Walk and Talk' when we learned much more about her artistic background and the creation of the "Away" exhibition.

And what a delightful person she is.  We spent a lunchtime open studio with her last week when we chatted about her work, collecting vintage bits, Wales, the difficulties of overflowing work spaces, and she was quite happy to pose for photos and sign copies of the exhibition publication - I forgot to take mine with me! 

I never know whether photos are allowed at the craft centre - I have never asked as I fear they are not!  However I'm just going to sneak in this photo I took of my friend in the gallery and hope you won't tell anyone.  I'm sure Julie wouldn't mind me sharing it with my select little band of followers and I'm hoping it will encourage you to visit and admire if you are anywhere near in the next month - although Julie is returning home these little creatures will be staying put until the end of November.


  1. She was in Nantes at the craftfair some years ago. I still have some postcards i bought!!!!!
    What a lovely exposition

  2. Lucky you... I love her work. xx

  3. Yes, I have heard of Julie Arkell and recognise her work as it is so distinctive. Did you attend any of her workshops? Please tell!!! I may even have a go at making a Julie Arkell style paper mache figure - now that would be fun! x

  4. Oh, you are kidding!!! I can't believe that Jukie Arkell was just up the road and I never knew. To be brutally honest, I stopped visiting Ruthin Craft Centre about 5/6 years ago as it seemed kind of stuck in that whole "Wood turners" and "Traditional Welsh Lovespoons" (all made by old men from Lancashire, so nothing Welsh about them at all) rut that a lot of North West craft shows and spaces suffer from. I guess it's about time I gave it another visit.

    How cool for you to have been there though and to have met such an amazingly creative lady :o)

    1. Oh Yve sorry you missed Julie's residence but you must come and see the exhibition - its wonderful. The craft centre has changed and does have some great exhibitions - though of course not all to everyone's taste, but enough to make a visit worthwhile. Gone are the old workshops and there are just a couple of resident artists. However many locals don't like the new building - me included, but the galleries inside are lovely spaces. Keep an eye on their website to see what's coming up. xx


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