Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Bunnies for Babies

A month or two ago I wanted to make a little gift for a friend of a friend who had just produced a beautiful baby girl.  I sewed a simple bunny from a template I found in a book.  I wanted to use fabric that would be soft and of course would wash well and decided to try a pretty tea towel I came upon in our local bargain basement shop. 

Well after that the bunnies started to multiple - as they do - and I went out and bought more tea towels.  I also modified the pattern to make the bunnies a bit easier to stuff and finish off neatly. 


After about half a dozen bunnies I had the horrible thought that I should have washed the tea towels first - the labels did say there might be shrinkage.  But what about the bunnies I'd already made - I was worried.  Well one bunny very bravely came forward and volunteered to join my next load of washing in the machine.  

I'm happy to say pink bunny survived intact apart from a slightly frayed ribbon, though he is now about half an inch shorter than his friends! 


  1. Oh my they are so cute. I think i will try to make some too.

  2. Hi Ann,

    Wanted to thank you for your lovely words over my place - they did make me smile. I see you too have been busy - love the wee bunny on the line espcially - very cute.

  3. What adorable little bunnies and cute idea.

    Hugs diane

  4. Those bunnies breed like rabbits don't they and they are so adorable Ann. The one on the washing line made me smile because I had the thought that he'd been very naughty and put up there until he promised to behave! I've not visited for a while and it was great to have a tour of the holiday cottage and see your amazing purses.
    Carol x

  5. Hah, ha, lovely bunnies. You made me smile.


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