Thursday, 5 September 2013

Jars of crochet

I've been meaning to try crochet jar covers for months - they've been featured in many craft and lifestyle mags this summer.  Some baby food jars were kindly donated by Alfie (my friend's little grandson) and I tried a couple of covers yesterday.  I first tried a lovely free pattern from Lulu Loves for the tall jar and then altered a basic fillet crochet pattern for the smaller jar.

As well as being very useful as small flower vases and for small item storage, they make lovely tealight lanterns.  I used real tealights for the photo but I think those battery ones would be safer as the jars are so small.  I blew out the flames as soon as I'd taken the photo.  Normal sized jam jars might be ok.  Lighting needs one of those gas lighters - not matches or spills as I tried to my cost!!

Unfortunately Alfie has now left baby food far behind and I'll need to find a new source for my next lot of jars!


  1. How pretty they look with the lights inside them . Hugs Mrs a.

  2. Lovely Ann, but be careful!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Ann! I thought I had already commented here! The covers are really pretty with the light shining through. I hope you are well as you haven't blogged in a while. I look forward to seeing your next papercraft project.


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