Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A look at June

I do like the thought of signing up to photo-a-day projects like Project 365 and Capture Your 365, however I know I'm not disciplined enough stick with posting a worthwhile pic every day.  I even find it hard to keep up with my aim of posting my month remembered scrapbook pages on the last day of the month or the first day of the next!  But although filling in each of these little squares is time consuming, I am glad I've been able to stick to it for the last 18 months - a look back at the minutia of everyday life is quite enjoyable.  And here we are, half way through the year already - where does the time go!!


  1. What a wonderful mix Ann! Love the swallow!!

  2. This is such a wonderful creative tradition... although I scrap regularly, post my photos on my blog, I really haven't tried to be more organized with any type of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly 'review' type of layout. You've inspired me! Love your photos!

  3. I just love your month in review posts Ann! I've really been enjoying catching up on your posts this morning and your photos and projects are lovely and inspiring. :)


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