Friday, 1 February 2013

January Snapped!

Well I had decided not to carry on with the monthly review pages this year but as I was so pleased with them printed in book form I changed my mind.  I searched for another 365 template kit at my favourite digital store Oscraps and went for Maya de Grout's nice and simple templates Snap: The Monthly Shots

You might notice a fair amount of crocheting has been going on this month.  Its definitely the craft of the moment and Pinterest is peppered with lovely inspiration and patterns.  I've a couple of projects in the pipeline for blogging and hope I can find time to post this weekend.  If you have crafty or any other plans for the weekend, have a great time and as "Brucie" says, keep dancing...... oh, no, I mean crafting of course! 


  1. Wonderful snaps of January and an unusually colourful month! I will try to keeeeeeeeep crafting this weekend!!!

  2. I love how you show us this. new projects in the pipeline????? Please show them.

  3. Wow, beautiful pictures! And an wonderful layout! Glad you carry on with the pages! My collage of January is on my blog, thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Beautiful pictures, and I love the template too. Looks like you've been very busy Ann.
    I'm glad you will continue to do these collages, I like them a lot.
    I decided to continue my stamping collages, and to start photo collages too. It is addicting :) Great for looking back on daily life.

  5. Wonderful pictures. I have bought a crochet book, probably all subliminal messaging through your blog! Haven't crocheted for 35+ years, just need to get started now.

  6. Every time you publish the pics of the month, I get the urge to print them in a book, just like you did! Or maybe a poster... because they are so beautiful, peaceful and full of inspiration!


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