Saturday, 19 January 2013

Eira Fach, Eira Fawr

We crafters do suffer for our hobby!  Sitting still stitching, hooking and stamping in this freezing weather is not easy, especially when hands are cold and you need to make tiny stitches.  This morning my hands and feet have been like blocks of ice and I think I must get my hot water bottle down from the bedroom and refill it to warm my hands.

My new kitty Titch is very young and has probably never seen snow before.  She's not quite sure what to do with it.  Its still snowing tiny flakes at the moment - just one or two ice crystals stuck together.  I remember we used an old Welsh saying when we were little and it was snowing - eira fach, eira fawr, which literally means little snow, big snow.  In other words if the flakes are small there is lots more to come!

With St Dwynwen's Day just a week away I managed to create some more felt brooches for my Folksy shop this week.  I found this lovely celtic style die last weekend and decided it was perfect to present my brooches for our Welsh lovers' day on 25th January.  I added some suitable Welsh wording with wooden peg alphabet stamps - rather time consuming but the font was just right.  If you'd like to see more you can find them here in my shop. 


Coming home over the mountain this afternoon we saw several fields where people were sledging.  While it's nice to see the kids enjoying the snow, I'm always dismayed to see the aftermath once the snow has melted...... I just hate to see broken sledges left behind, litter and even holes in fences and hedges.  No wonder farmers will hit back by spreading manure on popular fields


  1. You do make the most beautiful brooches. I hope that your hands are warmer now. Mine are freezing in my unheated 'craft' room!!! Your new kitty looks very sweet. I like the Welsh saying about little snow, big snow. We had little snow here yesterday and were left with a lot of big snow so the saying must be true!

  2. Eira fach, eira fawr is a very good description of what is going on here at the moment. Tiny snowflocks and they promise us a lot more for today. I love snow when I can stay inside but for the donkeys and the hens there is nothing to eat. So they stay inside. Your heart is lovely.

  3. That is a beautiful brooch! Did I tell you already how much I enjoy looking the pix on your blog?! Entertaining and educational at the same time. Now, I just have to look up what 'Eira fach, eira fawr' means.... :) BTW, I have the exact same look on my face when it comes to snow. Please tell Titch to enjoy them for me!

  4. Beautiful pics, as usual, but I am blinded by the sight of Titch! Isn't she a darling, with those long mustaches and the strong legs!


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