Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Knit Me a Man Please!

I went through a phase of buying old knitting patterns a few years ago and looking through them last night I was reminded of Christmas 2005 when my sister jokingly said "knit me a man" when I asked her if there was anything she would like for her gift.  So I did!  And here he is photographed just after I finished him and when my sister unwrapped him.  She named him Jim, after my Mother's wartime GI boyfriend. He's an airman - I had wanted to knit the soldier but didn't have the right colour yarn for his uniform at the time.

In case you would like to knit yourself or a friend a man for Christmas, here is the pattern. As with the cut-out crib in my last post, you can download the images by right clicking and saving to your hard disk.

As you can tell, the pattern was published during WW2 and I find the lines below each doll pattern quite touching.  I can't bear to think how many Daddies didn't come home after the war.  But in jollier mood, here's another from the same era - Father Christmas and one of his Gnomes.


  1. Haha love your post today! Your sister's man is quite a "doll"!!! you are too good, Ann. If you are taking request, would you knit me Jonny Depp?? :)))

  2. Aren't they fabulous I love the way they look "grown up" unlike the comical figures you can knit. The one you made is great.

  3. Loving the vintage Christmas posts. Thanks for your comments on my blog - hope you are enjoying the Advent Calendar

  4. Ann these are so taking me back in time. Can't believe I actually made a sailor Sam. I still have the pattern. Thanks for the memories. Hugs Mrs A.

  5. Oh Ann, what a lovely little story & what a fine man he is indeed ;) xxx

  6. My dearest Ann, hope you are doing well and not too tired of making all those Christmasgifts.

    I wish you and your family a peaceful and happy Christmas . HUgs Baukje


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