Friday, 5 November 2010

Christmas Tag House

My new Papertrey stamps have arrived from my good blogfriend Yuki in Hawaii - yippee! The first thing I've made is this set of gift tags with the 2010 Holiday Tags set. I love making tags like these and have the two previous Papertrey Christmas tag sets too - you will see some of them in the photograph.

Now, I'm writing this post as I'm a bit undecided on a current project. I've made the tags as a possible filler for these little perspex houses I bought recently on ebay from this great seller. They are really nice quality and were a real bargain at 24 for £4.99 (plus £5.99 p+p). But I am having a bit of trouble deciding what to put in them - they were advertised as containers for potpourri. When I put my tags in the house they just arrange themselves into a pile and don't look very attractive, so another idea is to add in a little hanging tree decoration - this rose-scented house sachet (adapted from here) is my first experiment. But I'm not entirely happy with this either.

My aim is to have the houses finished to sell in my charity shop when we have our local late night Christmas shopping evenings at the beginning of December. Sooooooooo, what I'm really hoping for is some reaction from my faithful blog readers. I know its a bit of a cheek on my part as I've been really lax in commenting myself lately. My only excuse is a new job which is really exhausting me at the moment - I keep falling asleep in the chair in the evenings. What a waste of crafting and blogging time! So please do accept my most sincere apologies if I haven't visited you to comment recently - you can rest assured I've been feeling really bad about it and hope I can buck myself up soon :o(


  1. Love those tags Ann and new goodies to play with fab. I like the look of those houses. My only suggestion is if you could cut patterned paper and line them - but of course you wouldn't see any contents that way.

  2. Hi Ann, not easy your question.....I even asked my Thom to look at the picture. Sometimes he has great ideas, but this time....nothing. Why not fill them with something, sweets, tea, herbs, cookies and hang outside a small handmade craft-thing. Maybe also knitted toys, When they are filled with sweet, and there is a knitted toy hanging outside it also could be a Christmas present for a child. The little bears that I knitted should be perfect ;
    When I have more ideas I'll mail you. Hugs baukje

  3. The tags are SO lovely! I especially love that reindeer and the snowman. :) Theresa

  4. Love those tags! All of PTI's tag sets are wonderful. Looking at this little plastic house, I would use it to hold sweets as one commenter suggested. Also, how about using them as ornaments on a tree? Or maybe they could hold a mini album of some sorts. I'm sure with more ideas added you'll come up with something fabulous! Good luck!

  5. Hi Ann,
    I love your tags, I'm in the process of making some for my daughter's school, so I know what fun they are to make.
    I wonder if your little houses could be containers for a good luck in your new home kit. Maybe you could put some house shaped cards in with notification of the new address? Or how about a "from our house to yours at Christmas" filled with some of your homemade goodies that could be given to neighbours at Christmas?

    Hope your new job is going well.
    Carol x

  6. Ann - don't be beating yourself for not commenting on other's blogs...there is no rule that says you have to, girl....chill out until you are happy and comfortable in that new job....the tags are great and I also like PTI stuff - I have someone in Salt Lake City who does the same job for me...'fraid I can't afford PTI's horrendous shipping....don't get every month mind you but just got signature messages and love it...these little houses are so sweet...gosh I never knew they existed...going over to look around...can't imagine that there is much room inside and the inside shape doesn't endear itself to much except small round anythings which would fill up the odd spaces....but then I don't like giving unwrapped sweets so it's quite a challenge to know what to put in these....if I were using them as ornaments I would put something shiny or sparkly in them....shredded tissue etc....I no longer like the look of tinsel but if others do why not.....sorry I can't be more positive for you but thanks for sharing those little houses...they look great.

  7. Oh I love your tags, they are fab! I too would love to get Papertrey goodies, but the shipping always puts me off! How about a little glass ornament to hang inside the houses somehow, I bought some lovely glass coloured heart shaped baubles from Waitrose last week to use on some tags, they are actually by John Lewis, and they would look lovely dangling down with some coloured ribbon and a tag maybe. This is the link for the glass hearts I shall pop back later in the week to see what you decide to do with them!

  8. Just love the style of these tags.


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